Great Yorkshire show 2021

Back again after a break due to the pandemic and we are pleased to be involved again showing the best of Home Grown plants and some new cut flower introductions.

GYS 2021 Silver gilt medal

Today, we have won the silver gilt medal for our display at the show and spoken to many visitors about cut flower production and breeding of ornamentals in the UK as well as the characteristics and garden performance of the plants that they grow.


Our grateful thanks go to:

  • Cobbins Nursery
  • Cut Flower Centre
  • Beekenkamp
  • Syngenta
  • Earley Ornamentals
  • Walberton Nursery

Slide show of the stand this year-

BOA_Home Grown at Great Yorkshire Show 2021


These are from Walberton Nursery and breeding by David Tristram


These were all bred by Martine Tellwright in West Sussex, (previous owner of Fleurie Nursery before the purchase by Tristram Plants) and produced at Walberton Nursery.

New varietites of NG Impatiens are on trial at Cobbins Nursery and here are 4 from Danziger, Ball and Selecta One.



The Sunpatiens series plants were supplied by Earley Ornamentals and are surviving the challenging conditions of North Yorkshire where the sunshine can be extremely damaging to garden plants.


Dahlia plants came from Syngenta and Beekenkamp; with the gigantic Sincerity (Syngenta) and more compact varieties, Labella Maggiore Deep Rose and Grande Orange Bicolour (Beekenkamp)



The interspecific hybrids from Petunia and Calibrachoa also known as ‘Beautical’ attracted alot of interest and comment for the variety of colours and the compact habit. Visitors did not seem to be familiar with the name of the series.


Cut Flower Centre

A wide range of interesting new varieties were provided by Lyndon Mason of the Cut Flower Centre and these in turn provided many interested visitors and flower enthusiasts.

  • Lysimachia fortunei Mambo and Jumbo
  • Matricaria Sparkling Red Stars
  • Matricaria Sparkling Pink Stars
  • Veronica Skyler White
  • Veronica Skyler Pink
  • Eryngium Magical Stars
  • E. Magical Silver
  • E. Green Globe
  • E. Blue Bayou
  • Scabious Scoop ‘Purple Lace’ (& several colour variants)