Spring crops

A group to discuss Primroses, Violas and pansy, Ranunculus, Senettii and Bellis. With the support of W H Smith, we are looking to host a technical day in March 2023. along with the pansy and viola trials.

Home of the primrose monitoring scheme, we are looking to improve plant nutrition over the winter.

Primrose monitoring example

Primrose 10.5cm potted wk 38 2021 We used Candy Vanilla from Rudy Raes, we knew it was a hungry variety Peat free compost (coir & wood fibre) compared to standard peat & wood fibre (January SAP results) Grown cool vent setpoint 10C Heating 1C Grown in shuttles for 6-8 weeks then spaced out onto bench…

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Previous monitoring of specific crops has helped considerably in understanding how and when to feed your plants. The poinsettia scheme has been very successful in monitoring nutrient levels and building up a database of results. While it was useful to find normal nutrient levels perhaps what was most interesting was comparing your results against others.We…

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