The British Protected Ornamentals Association

BPOA was founded to promote the interests of the UK bedding & pot plant industry.  Its membership is drawn from growers and the allied trades.

Our Aims

The Association’s primary aim is to support the needs of growers particularly in R&D, marketing and wider sector representation. By helping the bedding and pot plant, cut-flower and other ornamental plant growers to work together, the Association aims to achieve common goals enabling all growers to move forward in an ever-changing marketplace.

Technical groups.

BPOA works to support growers to improve the culture of individual crops, organising visits and technical workshops. Our poinsettia group is very active

Members Advice Centre

The BPOA would like to offer our members the widest range of advice possible, with access to experienced advisors and the most up to date technical advice.


BPOA seeks to support growers through the promotion of ‘Home Grown’ and other marketing initiatives which support members’ plant sales and to raise the profile of ornamental plants

Technical events

BPOA works to support growers through its technical committee activity, organising events, study tours and technical workshops.

The British poinsettia growers group

This group has been set up to ensure that research into the commercial production of poinsettias continues following the breakup of the AHDB. It has also been set up to ensure the industry has a strong, united voice with policymakers. 


The BPOA jointly funds the Peter Seabrook/ BPOA Bursary, available to students in further education and apprenticeshps.