Technical groups

We encourage growers to collaborate and share knowledge.

The groups play an invaluable role in helping to steer the activities of your Association. They propose and help drive new projects, and initiatives. Members can share knowledge, the latest industry news and access a network of experienced members.

Specialist groups are a great way to improve your crops. Nursery visits and technical events provide valuable information and problem-solving.

You can join and just watch from the sidelines, using the group as a knowledge and reference source, you will have access to the most up to date information and invitations to technical meetings and visits.

Participation in the groups is open to all members; if you are interested in joining and to have your ‘say’ use the contact form at the bottom of this page

Crop Protection

Covering Eamus, testing new products, crop residues, plant health issues, bio products. Developing a pest monitoring and alert service,


The best industry knowledge and experience. Energy saving, new technology, environmental controls, lighting and plant structures

Growing Media

Plenty to discuss as we move towards a peat free world.

Labour saving & Automation

How to improve the efficiency of your nursery.


Help promote the BOA and support new members. Get involved with Floral fantasia, flower shows and trials. We support the Peter Seabrook bursary


Improving and developing seed and cutting propagation. Can we go peat free?


Sourcing sustainable products, carbon accounting, peat free, sharing recycling data, packaging.

Local groups

Join in on a local level, regular meetings and nursery visits

Product Groups

Bedding plants

Autumn crops

Improving autumn crops of Cyclamen, Garden mums, Violas and pansies plus other autumn crops

Spring crops

Improving spring crops of Primrose, Violas and pansies, Senettii, Ranunculus and bellis. Home of the primrose monitoring scheme

Summer crops

Home to all summer bedding giving an opportunity to discuss and develop new crops and research.

Bedding production

Going peat free, packaging challenges and production issues

House plants

Poinsettia group

A very active group, meeting twice a year to discuss and develop research.

House plants

The group for all house plants including Begonia elatior, Hydrangeas, Foliage and other Pot plants

Participation in the groups is open to all members & subscribers; if you are interested in joining and to have you’re ‘say’ use the contact form.

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