Hyde Hall Floral Fantasia Rudbeckia

Floral Fantasia

The new display area at the RHS Hyde Hall garden in Essex has been a popular visit destination in these post-lockdown days.
One of the attractions has been the colourful display of ‘Floral Fantasia’ which is incorporating the work of breeders of new pot and bedding plants. This year some of the plants have been pro-duced from the Fleuroselect trials of Rudbeckia, both seed and vegetatively propagated.
Starting in 2018 with initial garden ideas and some commercial backing, Peter Seabrook has masterminded the development of a large-scale, colour, bedding gar-den on the RHS site. He has brought in several companies who would like to cooperate with the aim of creating a ‘shop window’ for flowering plants especially new forms and varieties.
Last year, Peter re-purposed plants used at other exhibitions to produce a fantastic display and at the Spring Conference at Peterbor-ough in January, gave us all a brief ‘virtual’ walk through the garden with a presentation of beautiful images. The pdf copy of his presentation is available on the website downloads page.

This year, Fleuroselect has proclaimed 2020 the year of the Rudbeckia and arranged trials of 50 seed raised and 36 cutting-raised cultivars at six sites around Europe including RHS Hyde Hall & Harlow Carr (read more @ fleuroselect.com) Many of these are now gracing the gardens at Hyde Hall and will be flowering in the next few months for trade and gardener visitors to admire. Despite lockdown, they have managed to plant the trials and then, following some bad weather, Peter took the trial out again and re-planted it in the ground.

“Rudbeckia splendour radiates across Europe

Within the framework of the ‘2020, Year of the Rudbeckia’ marketing campaign, Fleuroselect members have joined efforts this summer to offer a full overview of the existing Rudbeckia range. Over 80 varieties have been grown and planted by five top level public parks: RHS Garden Hyde Hall and RHS Garden Harlow Carr (U.K.), EGA Park Erfurt and Blumeninsel Mainau (Germany) and Jardin des Plantes (France). In addition, the Irish research station TEGEASC is also showing a part of the assortment to its visitors.

The goal of this yearly campaign is to highlight the wide diversity of a crop for the Home Gardener. Simon Crawford, Commercial Director at Burpee Europe and Chairman of the Home Gardening Business Unit at Fleuroselect: “Each year we choose a crop which is suitable for the Home Gardener. For the first time we have added varieties from cuttings as well as from seed to mirror the width of the selection available. We anticipate that the attention given to Rudbeckia this year will clearly raise the profile and inspire gardeners to choose these spectacular plants with their long season performance for their gardens and patios.” 

The Rudbeckia plantings are expected to look at their best in August and will last until the end of September. Both industry colleagues and the general public are warmly invited to visit and be inspired.”

You can read more here: https://fleuroselect.com/press-room/rudbeckia-splendour-radiates-across-europe/

Species and variety nameCompany
Rudbeckia fulgida GoldsturmMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia fulgida GoldsturmBenary
Rudbeckia fulgida GoldsturmSahin a brand of Takii
Rudbeckia fulgida var. sullivantii GoldsturmPanAmerican Seed
Rudbeckia fulgida var.speciosaDT Brown
Rudbeckia grandiflora Sundance   Jelitto
Rudbeckia hirta Amarillo GoldBenary
Rudbeckia hirta AriesMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta Autumn ColorsBenary
Rudbeckia hirta Autumn ForestHem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta CappucinoHM.CLAUSE
Rudbeckia hirta Cherokee SunsetThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia hirta Cherry BrandyThompson & Morgan, Mr. Fothergill’s 
Rudbeckia hirta Cheyenne GoldBenary
Rudbeckia hirta Chim ChimineeThompson & Morgan, Mr. Fothergill’s 
Rudbeckia hirta Chocolate OrangeMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta Denver DaisyBenary
Rudbeckia hirta Double Gloriosa DaisiesHem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta DT Brown Cutting MixtureDT Brown
Rudbeckia hirta Gloriosa DaisiesMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta GoldilocksJohnsons
Rudbeckia hirta Green EyesHem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta Indian SummerFSH Flecke-Saaten-Handel GmbH
Rudbeckia hirta Irish SpringFSH Flecke-Saaten-Handel GmbH, Mr. Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta MarmaladeMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta MayaBenary
Rudbeckia hirta Monteverdi Hem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta Moroccan SunThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia hirta My JoyHem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta Orange FudgeHem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta Prairie SunBenary, Mr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta Ruby GoldThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia hirta Ruby RubyThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia hirta Rustic Dwarfs MixedMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta SaharaThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia hirta Solar EclipseThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia hirta SonoraBenary
Rudbeckia hirta SputnikSahin a brand of Takii
Rudbeckia hirta TotoMr Fothergills
Rudbeckia hirta Toto GoldBenary
Rudbeckia hirta Toto LemonBenary
Rudbeckia hirta Toto RusticBenary, DT Brown
Rudbeckia hirta VivianiHem Zaden
Rudbeckia hirta wild formHem Zaden
Rudbeckia occidentalis Green WizardThompson & Morgan
Rudbeckia triloba Blackjack Gold    Jelitto
Rudbeckia triloba Prairie GlowJelitto
From Cuttings
SmileyZ™ BrilliantAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ ChocolateAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ GigglingAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ HappyAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ KissingAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ LaughingAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ LemonAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ LovingAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Tiger SmileyZAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ PartyAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Star of LifeAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ PassionAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big Joy AB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big ShineAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big LuckAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big SunAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big KissAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big LoveAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
SmileyZ™ Big SmileAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
Flamenco® VanillaAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
Flamenco® Dark OranageAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
Flamenco® True RedAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
Flamenco® ApricotAB Cultivars / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® AliciaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® EmeliaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® OliviaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® SophiaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® Sophia YellowBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® JulianaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® OpheliaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Sunbeckia® PaulinaBull Gartenbau / Vitroflora
Enchanted SunThompson & Morgan
Enchanted ForestThompson & Morgan
Enchanted EmbersThompson & Morgan
Enchanted FlameThompson & Morgan
Enchanted GlowThompson & Morgan

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