Autumn Crops Cyclamen diseases meeting 9th March 2023

Online meeting Thursday 9th February at 9.30am.

At a recent Autumn crops meeting we discussed the problems of growing cyclamen in 2022. It was thought the extremely high temperatures may have increased the amount of losses, usually sudden wilting caused by fusarium or erwinia.

Most people mentioned the losses varied between pot sizes, varieties and colours. Due to the lack of chemical controls you may need to change the way you grow the cyclamen to reduce losses, according to our survey some varieties may be more susceptible.

We have enlisted the help of Eric Forschelen a well-known cyclamen expert to help guide you.

I have included the HDC factsheet disease control in cyclamen created in 2007 and the Morel fusarium fact sheet, Very hot summers may come and go but fusarium is always about and just needs the right conditions to grow.

We will also have a round up of possible chemical and biological controls.

Meeting presentation

BOA are very grateful to Eric for taking the time to create this presentation and Harry Kitchener for his comments on the day.


Eric mentioned DCM Vivisol see below.