BOA helping growers grow.


The BOA (British Ornamentals Association) is a trade association representing both ornamental growers and the allied trade within the protected ornamentals sector.
BOA Mission Statement “To ensure that resources are directed towards growers needs for R&D, marketing & political representation thereby assisting growers to grow together and raise the profile of their industry”
The BOA is a specialist group of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) and uses the influence and political lobbying strength of the NFU to ensure ornamental plant growers’ interests are represented.

The NFU is the most successful representation body for agriculture and horticulture in England and Wales.

Our mission

The NFU represents more than 46,000 farming and growing businesses. Our purpose is to champion British agriculture and horticulture, to campaign for a stable and sustainable future for British farmers and to secure the best possible deal for our members.

We strive to protect and promote British farm life and give our members a voice now and in the future.

We campaign

We lobby to make change where change is needed most. Our job as the voice of British farming is to ensure that our members’ businesses can thrive in the years ahead. Using our invaluable in-house technical experts at our headquarters in Stoneleigh, and our offices at the heart of Westminster, we ensure that farming is never off the political agenda.

We pride ourselves on delivering that same campaigning expertise at a local level because we know what it means to be a farmer and understand the challenges and opportunities of running an agricultural business. With seven regional offices and NFU Cymru; 50 expert local advisers and over 380 NFU representatives across England and Wales, we have built crucial local connections to ensure we can make a difference with our members.

We champion

From securing coverage on national media, print, television, radio to our work with schools and more, we champion and defend the British agriculture and horticulture industry. From securing one million signatures to protect British food standards, to ensuring false claims in the media are corrected, together with our members we make sure farming’s story is told – the right one.

We connect

The rural community is important to us and we know there has never been a better time for the industry to pull together and make a difference. We ensure our members have a sense of belonging in their area, hosting regional and national events and giving them the opportunity to make their voices heard.

We take our job of keeping our members informed seriously, producing a whole-host of magazines, newsletters, easy-to-digest articles to ensure our members know what’s happening in the farming world when time is precious and hard to come by.

We’re here for British farmers and growers

Whether it’s through our first-class advice, guidance or business-specific technical expertise and our unmatched professional services and money-saving rewards, to how we’re representing farmers in the heart of governments in England, Wales and at a regional level the NFU is committed to representing its members now and in the future.

Together we have the chance to ensure farming’s future is brimming with opportunity and that food production gets the recognition it rightly deserves.